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Important notice

"Immunise to 95" is a Qld Government initiative to lift the level of immunisation prior to the withdrawal of family assistance payments by the federal Government from 1st January 2016 in circumstances where the Government's record regarding you child's immunisations, as recorded with the Australian Childhood Immunisation Registry (ACIR), is incomplete.

To avoid financial loss you should seek further advice.

Contact Centrelink on 136150 or follow the link: Centrelink, Contact us, Families, Family tax benefit for further informaion.

Download the National Immunisation Program Schedule for Queensland and the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register immunisation history form

Obtain a statement of your child's immunization history from ACIR

Contact our immunisation nurse by phoning the clinic on 07 49787868. (Fees will apply)

Make an appointment with your doctor online today.

Immunisation protects people against harmful diseases before they are exposed to them. Immunisation not only protects individuals, but also the entire community, by reducing the spread of disease.

Before vaccinations were freely available, diseases like polio, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough killed thousands of young children each year.

Today routine vaccinations are given for diphtheria, HIB, hepatitis B, human papilloma virus(HPV), influenza (flu), measles, meningococcus C, mumps, whooping cough, pneumococcus, poliomyelitis, rotavirus, rubella (German measles), tetanus and chickenpox.

We also recommend Meningoccal B vaccine, albeit not yet freely available for Australians.

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